Forex factory basket trading system. Salve a tutti,. In this post I'll introduce a trading strategy that uses a basket of currency pairs all together. In particular we'll create a USD based basket of currencies and trade them based on the strength/weakness of a sort of USD index. Some of the concepts here are related to the ones described in two.

Forex factory basket trading system

How To Use and Read Forex Factory Calendar

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Forex factory basket trading system

To discontinue membership subscription, click the button below: If you are buying an AccountProtect EA, click the button below: After you are being ushered in the room you are free to review past transcripts of discussion. Good for those that misses earlier discussions. Transcript can also be cut and paste for printing. Files are easily transferred to one or all members of the room. Topics of discussion as well as tools indicators and EA are provided in advance and are prearranged according to market projected behavior.

There are others indicators develop specifically for this system. All indicators develop for this system has a common criteria to use only the profit value in order to maintain the usage of price action all the time. All indicators are available to all current members of the mentoring group and it is not distributed publicly.

I will post in here other indicators developed as I become familiar with this blogging technology. It will give color indication of either Blue or Magenta for Buy or Sell. The histogram changes to blue bars indicating the LONG trend is taking over. And I intend to keep these trades until the line indicator changes color to magenta.

It may last for weeks or months as it usually is, but it will be an enormous amount of profit to be generated. Trader - Basket Trading System. About Me Trader View my complete profile. Friday, January 1, The Graphical and 2. The Numerical way The graphical way is the usage of those price action indicators that were develop specifically for this system.

These are customized indicators never seen before in any forex forum. The numerical way is the use of a popular spread sheets program, the excel. Hence, the excel is even faster in reflecting the data feed compares to the use of chart and indicators. When we started the BTS a year back we have to start a demo trade of 14 pairs every week and we have to be early to put our trades so to make a complete capture of market moves over the week.

Not all the time that we are free on Sunday when the market opens this makes it difficult for us. With the use of excel, this is no longer a problem. We could open the excel anytime and still we can measuring the amount of moves from the market start. Not only that the excel have provided us the correct substitute to the weekly IA opening it also makes a good market tool to monitor other aspects of market behavior.

Heck, we could even watch the spread as the brokers widen it during news time and many more. Excel is indeed our most valuable tool. Even more valuable than those indicators mentioned earlier in this blog.

Posted by Trader at 9: Wednesday, July 22, Several request for an accelerated program because most traders have also a day job prompted me to revise the schedule. The complete mentoring services duration will now be revised to 2 months. First month dedicated to learning the theory of basket trading as applied to all kinds of market and trading sessions.

Normal time schedule will be at 7: Second month is free trading, where you will be guided in your actual trading. No preset time schedule. Also it has been observed lately that some NOT so serious traders have joined the group.

As a prerequisite, I would require everyone interested in this program to read at least once the whole thread and other accompanying threads in FF Forum. Failure to comply on this compulsory reading of the old FF thread will be grounds for dropping you out of the program. Hoping that this fee will assure that only serious traders will commit.

If having difficulty with PayPal we could arrange a Western Union remittance by contacting me at trader optonline. Reservation for the next month program is accepted on or before the 25th of the preceding month. For continued membership subscription, click the button below: Membership To discontinue membership subscription, click the button below: Friday, May 8, The first month is called the Basic Group is usually conducted 1 hour Monday to Friday timing is market dependent.

Participant are trained to trade in any market session should a likely opportunity is anticipated to occur. Normal sessions are conducted at 7: Additional tools for the trade are introduced in this month. Trading Room is open all the time and you may leave a note or message for someone to respond however normal meeting sessions is 8: It has been experienced lately that trading with the group is more profitable that trading alone, I have created a new private trading room 1K Group open only to those that completed the program.

The benefits of maintaining membership to this new Room are: These fees are use for the maintenance of the site and the room. We are limiting the distribution of these indicators to current members only. Current member being enrolled in the Basic or Advance or 1K Group is only allowed access to updated tools of the trades. Should a member decided to cut his membership with the group, he no longer entitled to an update of the tools we used.

Posted by Trader at 2: Thursday, February 5, So many interconnecting strategies that all leads to a profitable trading. Together with those that have completed the program on mentorship we continuously develop and test newer techniques that makes our trading more profitable.

We have added a few more strategies to this already incredible trading system. We have listed below some of those newly developed and tested methods. This 3 pairs are complimentary to each other that we have noticed a better correlation among the 3.

Most popular correlation analysis only deals on two currencies, neglecting the 3rd pair of EURCHF, thus miss the importance of this pair in the proper analysis. We have incorporated this in our trading the tandems. This strategy have generated us good profit at the moment. We also generated a special indicator to aid us in our trading this technique.

The three lines represent the three currency pairs that acted in a fan like manner for easy identification of possible currency move. This strategy is capable of generating profit between — pips in less than a hour. We have also developed and indicator for this technique called the NewsIndicator. It monitors the market situation in the final hour before the news release and continues to monitor the market after the news release to give the realistic market sentiments.

At the moment there also some new strategies being developed and tested and eventually will also be introduce in this blog after the testing stages. Posted by Trader at 7: First you have to open a demo account called this the Indicator Account IA and make sure that the broker you choose have the ff.

These pairs will hedge each other. Fresh start this method at the very beginning of the week, this will give a good look at the pairs as week goes on.

No SL and no TP. As much as possible run a script will be attached later to maintain correct timing in opening them. Click twice the profit column of your terminal to make the positive profit pairs stay at the top and the negatives stay at the bottom or vice versa. Initially the order of this pairs is a mess, let it run for a day or two and you will notice the pairs will start to make a proper descending order.

All the buys will stay at the bottom and all the sells will occupy the top or vice versa. It like putting to rest the dirty bottled water and it will start to settle down after a certain period ot time.

All dirts to the bottom and the clear water at the top. About a day or two, all the buys if negatives will occupy the bottom and the sells if positives will be at the top. Ideally the bottom 7 slots should be occupied by the negatives. The first pair in the negative that crosses the boundary of positive slot 8 is the pair we are concern.

If one of the negative jump up to slot 7, consequently there should also a corresponding positive that will jump down to slot 8. This is the signal. We will trade those two pairs that jumps out of boundary. This is the first method in this system called the jumping pairs. Trade the pairs according to this rule: I have this threads helping traders for more than 2 years now. One of the thread "Simplicity is the Key" on Forex Factory was used for generating signals and distributed freely.

I was having good results as evidence by most of the comments that readers post in the threads. I was fascinated by trading not only a pair but a bunch of pairs which eventually I called the Basket Trading and this method now is widely used all over the world.

This new method will be the new trend now on Currency Trading that doesnt use any conventional indicator.


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