Forex currency trading in islam. Forex trading generally involves what Islamic finance terms as 'ribā al-nasī'a', defined as “[interest] in a money-to-money exchange provided exchange is delayed or deferred and additional charge is incurred with such deferment.”[ii] Thus, a nasī'a transaction can arise with respect to foreign exchange.

Forex currency trading in islam

Online Trading Forex Forbidden (Haram) In

Forex currency trading in islam. Is it permissible to deal in currencies in the foreign exchange market forex over the Internet What is your opinion regarding the issue of tabiyeet stipulating. With regard to the fees for delaying the deal and trading in margins, a statement has been issued by the Islamic Fiqh Council concerning this, which.

Forex currency trading in islam

Thanks for the answer. All praises be to Allah, peace and blessings of Allah may be upon Prophet Muhammad, his family, and his devoted companions. The conditions serve to maintain the economic stability of the community, and to protect the currency which function as a standard measurement for other goods from the violation of the greedy.

If the traded currency is similar, for example: Thus in the previous example, if the amount of IDR If the exchanged currency comes from different type, for example USD exchanged into IDR, the transaction requires the fulfillment of the first requirement mentioned above, which the cash and square payment without any debt or postponement.

Our scholars today have stated that the status of various currency exist among countries these days serve as the past time currency, which is dinar or dirham.

Thus, all rulings regarding the exchange of dinar with dinar or dirham to dirham apply upon the current currency exchange.

Based on that explanations, the ruling for online trading of currency, or forex, is forbidden. That is because the payment of such trading is not carried out in cash and square, rather the buyers pay for several percentage of the total currency which they bought as a guarantee, and at the closing of the currency market -at the end of the day or at the certain time duration which is agreed by both seller and buyer- they the seller and the buyer will calculate the profit or loss of their transaction according to the movement of exchange value of the currencies they have traded.

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