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Edward jung forex signs


Edward jung forex signs. scam - fsi inc. forex signs. Stay away from their "Trader Trainee" program, its a total scam. They are essentially white labeling chop shop. They entice young people to trade, open accounts and force them to fail. FSI has no full time traders - all the scammers you see there - Musai - Sedho - Ivy and especially Edward are a.

Edward jung forex signs

Now With Over 23, Reviews! Search 10, Financial Products. NFA ID provides outstanding hour support, enabling traders to succeed by providing online margin foreign exchange trading and a package of brokerage services for traders around the world. By fostering efficient and effective communication with our traders, they are able to concentrate more on trading, while we handle all other aspects related to the Forex market. I was only willing to commit the minimum amount, which is my number one rule when trying out new brokers.

You deposit some money, and they will match it. I found that the trainings were pretty comprehensive and taught a lot of the basic stuff. They will, at the very least, teach you about the basics of fundamental and technical analysis. I also liked that their website has a lot of data and resources. Of course, I think this is standard for most brokers. No Comments on this Review Leave a Comment. This review is the subjective opinion of an Investimonials. I have been at prop trading firms, asset management firms, hedge funds and I can tell you from experience that this firm is the worst!

I worked there for quite some time, and I can tell you that I am not bitter, did not lose money, and do not work at a competitor. I just want to warn anyone who would consider working there not to do it. As mentioned, this was BNBC, not sure why they changed their name, but I am confident that it is because of all of the bad press that people were giving them.

The "traders" are clueless and have no true experience. The firm forces individuals to trade actively in order to make money on the rebates that they receive on the volume. The spreads are wide and the strategies are common knowledge that can be learned by reading any book on FX trading. They use some bootleg broker that is based in some shady island.

They waive the carrot of becoming a fund manager in front of you to keep you there, but no one succeeds. I made money, met the monthly goals that were required, and was never given what was promised to me.

Sedo is the worst, knows nothing about trading at all. Ask to see his track record, the only money he makes is commissions through your trades and his dad's.

At least Edward is knowledgable. I wasted my time with them I already had my forex trading account with FXCM before, but decide to move to FSI since they gave me free training while chance to get funded from the company. Better thing is FSI also gives rebates on my trades. It is better than trading with FXCM which does not offer any rebates on my trades. Also, I like their friendly trading environment where I can sit with other traders.

So far so good, and there is no string attached, so I can leave the company any time I want if they do not treat me right. Bottom line, if you already trading forex, it is good choice. If you simply join the program because of the job offer, you need to think wisely since it is not easy to trade forex and it is not easy to pass the program. They are essentially white labeling chop shop. They entice young people to trade, open accounts and force them to fail. FSI has no full time traders - all the scammers you see there - Musai - Sedho - Ivy and especially Edward are a bunch of liers and need to find a real full time jobs.

None of them have any real experience in trading at banks or hedge funds. None of them know how to really trade in the FX markets. Ask for trading records if they blabber on about gains. And dont believe thier hype about having offices in overseas. Asian scammers can pull anything off. FSI dose have an office in Beijing, China. In fact, quite large and nice there. More than 80 full time employees.

I just had my summer intern there this year. They have 5 departments in that office. I was in their Currency Strategy team. The office in Beijing looks a lot nicer than the one on Wall street though.

They seem booming their business in Asia. About Edward and Ivy, i think they did a lot of seminars in China, including some intervews by CRI China Radio International and with some prestigeious financial websites there. If you search internet in Chinese, you will find a lot of information about this company and their seminars and interviews done for the past three years there.

I think their New York office is newly expanded there. They are just targeting to train some qualified traders to select fund managers to manage fund for clients all over the world, especially in China. They have all location and contact information on their website.

Anybody can call or go there to reach them. I do not think someone said something untrue about this company is being responsible. Check it out, to see is to believe. These websits will help you more to know about their successful operation in Asia. No what you say - or try to justify that Fsi is a legit company, its NOT. NONE - of the traders there are salaried.

They are all trader Trainees who run trade their own accounts. The first part of the Training Session is Training Class, in which trader trainees will participate in classroom setting seminars learning how the FOREX market works as well as the general principles of fundamental and technical analysis.

During this first section, which will last about a week, all trainees need to sign a non-disclosure and non-competition document, and open live account with their own capital. Moreover, each trainee is expected to understand, memorize, and apply all the information that is given everyday, or some trainees will be let go.

The second part of the Training Session is Practical Training, in which trainees will learn how to interpret global economic news and forecast market movements of each currency. During this period, which will last two to four weeks, trainees will use demo and live account to test the trading strategies, and learn trading discipline.

This part of training will closely monitored by senior to improve trainees' trading skill. The last part of the Training Session is Evaluation, in which trainees will trade their live account to be a company trader for a little over two months. Throughout this period, all trainees will join a conference with senior traders everyday to update themselves with market analysis and movements.

More detailed requirement will be discussed during the first week of training. The salary, bonus and commission rate will be determined depend on career and educational background and performance during evaluation. Visa sponsorship - H-1B - will be offered only to those who pass the evaluation. Did you lose your money before because of trading with them? Why are you attacking them? This looks so intentional Well, this business is full of competitions, you must be working for their competitors.

About your speaking wrong facts of FSI already, obviously that you are a lier This is so unethical. Although i am just an intern there, but i have justice that they do provide good training for people and they do have great office operation in Asia. You can be upset with something, but it is really not nice to attack someone and even mention their names like that I had interaction with those people for the past three months, they seem quite nice and professional to me.

You really should be careful with what you say, that is very mean and unethical. By fostering efficient and effective communication with our traders, they are able to concentrate more on trading, while we handle all other aspects related to the Forex market This review is the subjective opinion of an Investimonials member and not of Investimonials LLC.

Jakrem malang, jawa timur. I've been trading with FSI for two years. However, I have no idea they offer asset management services. As far as I'm concerned, they are pretty good in assisting traders trade through a wide range of investment support and educative programs. At the beginning, their customer service was really slow especially with confirming deposits and withdrawals. Sometimes, I even have to wait for days before a transaction would be processed.

Even up until now, I don't like their website, but good thing they have one in Chinese and it helps alot. In terms of the services, I think their niche is on making helpful research and analysis, and believe me, they make great trading recommendations, probably better than you'd think off. For now, it's probably too early for me to come up with conclusions.

I'll provide some updates soon regarding their systems. Yah, I think you got it right. Actually when you subscribe with their brokerage services, they even assign an experienced trader to assist you in trading when you needed some advice.

I'm just not so sure though if they charge for those assistance, but sure the business model is really creative. I'm expecting your updates soon with the systems. For people like me, who acknowledges the potential of the market, I recommend trading with FSI.

You might be wondering what I can say about FSI for the reason of me liking it.


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